LMK Sezimovo Ústí World Cup

LMK Sezimovo Ústí
Světový pohár

World Cup

34th Jihocesky pohar, 29. 9. 2018, Všechov


To everyone it may concern,

I have to inform you, that the airport Všechov u Tábora, where aeromodelling events took place in the past, is now in the possession of the Prison service of the Czech Republic. The Prison service of the Czech Republic has rented airport to private company which uses this airport for its own purposes. The aero-modelling club Sezimovo Ústí asked the owner (the Prison service of the Czech Republic) and also the tenant (private company) for permission to organize aero-modelling events at the airport Všechov u Tábora. Unfortunately the tenant (private company) does not agree with the organisation of aero-modelling events at the airport.

Due to this:

(Note: Please refer to other modellers. Thank you very much.)

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